So what's it really like to work at JTL? How easy is it to fit in and what kind of challenges will you face as part of our team? Here's what some current team members have to say.

There’s no better way to understand the work JTL does than by discovering more about the specific jobs our people do – and the kinds of challenges they face every day. In this section of the site, we give you a flavour of some of the key roles within our organisation.

Trade Training Officers

“My typical day – insofar as there is one – can cover a lot of territory and involve a real variety of people."

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Regional Manager

“There is an important strategic element to my role – creating development plans and exploring ways to drive the commercial growth of JTL"

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IT Support

“JTL employs people all over the country and many of them work remotely, so it’s vital to have the right IT and communication technology in place."

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Payroll Admin

“If there’s an error on a payslip, or someone has more tax deducted than they expected, people get understandably anxious."

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Office Admin

“The office admin team is at the centre of a huge network people, resources and activities – and that makes our organisational skills really important to JTL."

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A new starter

“You never quite know what to expect when you join a new company, and walking through the door on my first day at JTL was suitably nerve-wracking"

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